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Narrator Lance Rasmussen on Winter’s Prey

December 6, 2017

It seems that everything important in life comes with a waiting period: marriage, children, the perfect job, and, yes, even audiobooks. As we’re in the waiting period for the release of Winter’s Prey in audiobook format, I have the privilege of sharing something really special with you. Narrator Lance Rasmussen has put together the following video to say thank you to everyone who has helped make this project possible and who has cheered it on along the way.

We hope you enjoy the tour of Lance’s studio and the story of what inspired him to become a voice actor. He also shares which Winter’s Prey character is his favorite, which voice was the most difficult (This one might surprise you!), and a whole lot more!

(Visit Lance’s Website Here!)

(Interested in learning more about Performance Audio? Find them here on Facebook.)

Thank you again to everyone who has had a part in this project. If you haven’t already, please be sure to subscribe below! I’ll let you know as soon as the audiobook has made it to Audible, Amazon, and iTunes! (You’ll also get an excerpt from Book 2 just for signing up!)

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