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Hi! I’m Rachel Miller—Montana girl, lover of lavender, author of five books, and, most importantly, follower of Christ. Welcome to my blog!

Do you ever ask yourself what it means to be a fruitful Christian? What does it mean to lead a deep, intimate, intentional relationship with and worship of God? When I first wrote the story that is now the Barren Fields, Fruitful Gardens book series, these were the deep questions that pushed me forward. How can I make sure that the “plot of land” God has given me is fruitful for Him? And how can I encourage and comfort others in the planting of their own gardens? This blog is where I share the lessons of life, faith, and writing learned on my own pursuit of a life planted in Christ and fruitful for His glory. Come join me!

On average, I write one new blog every 1-2 weeks (though there may be an occasional lull or an extra update or two for special events).  Make sure you don’t miss a thing! Sign up for updates and a free excerpt of my newest book, Field of Ashes. 

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