Field of Ashes Montana Winter's Prey

A Special Invitation

April 5, 2017

You may have seen on Facebook that we’re getting very close to the release of the sequel to Winter’s Prey. Lord willing, Field of Ashes will launch with a book signing at Leslie’s Hallmark in Billings the first part of May. That is coming quickly!
Writing a book is a lot of work. Editing a book is even more work. But getting the word out to others about the book once it’s been published may be the most difficult part of all. As an independent author (not published through a traditional publisher), I have a lot of bonuses concerning the work itself, but there is one drawback: I’m pretty much on my own.
Over the last year, I’ve learned that going it alone is, well, lonely! I’ve also learned that working together is not only more effective but also more fun! So, I would like to invite you to help me launch Field of Ashes.
I’ve never had a so-called launch team, so this is new to me. I look at it as a partnership and an opportunity to build relationships.

Here’s what it would look like:

  • I have set up a Launch Group on Facebook. (You can join it here.) In this group, we’ll brainstorm ideas for the launch and how to get the word out, we’ll plan giveaways, we’ll find ways to grow our launch group, and we’ll have a good time learning, growing together, and becoming friends.
  • Through the Launch Group, I’ll provide some tools, such as memes and quotes (and I’ll probably ask you what your favorites are!) to share with others. I’ll also provide direction about the right time to share about the upcoming book and when to post reviews.
  • That’s right! I said, post reviews, which you can’t do if you’ve never read the book! So, everyone who joins the Launch Group will receive an early, PDF version of the book! AND as the group grows, anyone who has never read Winter’s Prey will get a free PDF of that book as well! So invite your friends!
  • The first 50 people to join the group will get a free signed, hard copy of the book!
  • Everyone in the group will automatically be entered in all of the giveaways and will get two entries in the Grand Prize giveaway.

I hope you’ll join me! The next month is going to be jam packed with editing, layout, and proofing, but having you along will lighten the load. I’m excited to get to know each of you better and to see what the Lord does through this new book.

To join the Launch Group, click here! I’ll see you there.

What do you think of the cover design? Let me know when you join the Launch Group!