Field of Ashes is Finally Here!

After losing her fiancé to the wild elements of the Montana Territory, Jessica Bennett is sure the key to her happiness is in leaving Twin Pines. But from the moment she steps foot in the untamed, cowtown of Grassdale, Jess discovers a whole new world of challenges: An unruly superintendent, a ramshackle school, drunken cowboys, and a letter from home that changes everything. When the hidden wounds of her heart are discovered, will one man’s secret past hold the key to her healing?

Easy has never been the path Marcus Bennett sought, but as summer unfolds he comes face to face with the one struggle he has avoided for years. When life takes an unexpected turn, he finds himself torn between his responsibilities, his love for his family, and the promptings of his heart. Would God really ask him to abandon his home and family?

This sequel to Winter’s Prey explores the beauty of God’s amazing grace and astounding love, the freedom of surrender, and the hope of experience, though faith be tried by fire.


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When the cruel elements of the Montana Territory inflict tragedy on the Bennett family, life is forever changed. Jess is certain the answer to her pain lies in starting over. Her brother Marc is determined to stay true to what he has always known.

Amidst the constant battle for survival and the conflict in their hearts, both siblings stand at the threshold of surrender to God. What will they choose?



Audio version:

Narrated by Lance Rasmussen.

10 hrs and 47 min.

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Some journals will feed you, find verses for you, and even pray for you—What’s left for you to do? God wants us to dig into His Word for ourselves. “In All Thy Ways” offers eight weeks of journaling pages, each designed to help you dig deeper into Scripture. It asks simple questions that bring depth to your daily Bible reading and application to life. It also provides room for word studies, prayer, praise, and for recording God’s working in and through you. Don’t let someone else chew your food for you. Dig in, and dig deep!



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Abandoned. Left to die. Rescued. Redeemed…
Adoption. Betrayal. Unfailing love…

The King’s Daughter: A Story of Redemption traces one of the most beautiful love stories of all time. This collection of short Bible studies searches out the life of the King’s Daughter, a familiar figure of Psalm 45. Though often lifted up as an example to Christian women, her full story is rarely told. Has she always been the most beautiful ornament in the King’s throne room? Will she remain so? Will she turn her back on the One who loved her more than any other, or will she let Him be as a bundle of myrrh about her neck?

From a field to a palace, from disgrace to glory, from shame to restoration: her story reveals not only the magnitude of our redemption but also the chastening hand of a loving Father and the beauty of His everlasting covenant.